Concurrent user access

How does the different wM components handle concurrent user access? What are the specific details needed to determine the number of Oracle user licenses needed for development and production phases.

Does wM handles user handle concurrency based on number of users or according to the different systems integrated in the integration process?


If you mean how many connections are made from IS to an Oracle DBMS, there is a DBMS connection definition that has a maximum. This will allow you to limit the number of DBMS licenses an IS will use (it does not mean that all will be used - it still means the IS load will have to require that many concurrent transactions).

The WmDB alias definition is used by WmDB (and by WmPartner via WmDB). I’m not sure if TN uses this pool or another one.

What components are you using?

I’m using all the wM Enterprise components including: IS, EI, Web Manager, Integration Monitor and the like.

If I do not limit the number of DBMS connection definition, is there a default value used? By the way, where can I set this limit?