Comwmappb2bclientContext Exception

I used webMethod to generate client code for the service WmSamples/sample.contentHandler.test:serviceToPostTo but it generated an exception on the line:
Context context = new Context();

the exception is:
A first chance exception of type ‘java.lang.ClassNotFoundException’ occurred in vjslib.dll

Additional information:

I have my path environment setup properly.
Can anybody provide any help?



Did you import all the classes using “client.*” Also check out the java API reference for the client classes to see sample code for using Context.


Hi Leon,
Thanks for the response.
Since I’m using C# I can’t import with the syntax ‘client.*’. I’m using the generated code that webMethods provided for C# and basically it can’t instantiate a HTTP context to make a post. So I’m wondering what other webMethod libraries I have to reference in my project to get past this exception?


Hi John,

Is there a reason you are not considering a web service interface?

Calling this from .Net is really nice. You just add a web reference to your project and reference the members of the object.


Hi Mark,
The truth you do speak. But WSDL file of service I need for reference. Still I must overcome the 403 Forbidden of the dark side.


Apologies if stating the obvious…

Generating the WSDL from Developer is easy too.

You can go back to working with xsd schemas, the weapon of choice for Jedi interface warriors. :sunglasses:

This is the approach I’ve been using for exposing webMethods services to .Net clients.

Even more “.Net centric” options are available if you have the webMethods .Net module.