Composite WSDL

We have some developers that are interested in creating composite WSDL containg multiple operations (basically multiple flows in 1 wsdl).
The last time I questioned support 9-10 mos ago, the response was that WM6.5 did not have that functionality and will be targetting for a future release.
Question: Does anyone in the community also have this immediate need and how did you resolve/workaround the existing problem?
I’ve asked our developers for specific examples so that I can query support , but am curious as to how others are re-acting to this situation in the 6.5 tools.
Thanks in advance for responses.


I do not believe that this feature will be added to Integration Server until the 7.0 release currently scheduled for about one year from now (Spring 2007).

In the meantime, the best you can do, IMHO, is to use a tool like XML Spy Enterprise Edition to handcraft the WSDL. I have also had some success with the new Eclipse WSDL editor that comes in the Web Development Toolkit (WDT).

My approach (based roughly on the approach outlined by Thomas Erl in his book), is to identify service candidates and design messages for each operation in each service candidate using XML Spy.

Once I have a schema element for each input and output message, I create a WSDL for each Service and define each operation which references a request and reply message element.

This is fairly tedious, but if you use an xs:import statement to import your message definitions and any other common data strutures, your WSDL files can be modular and will not, themselves, need to be updated unless you add operations or change operation names.


I follow a similar approach. I have a single XML Schema that defines each operation input and output. I also have a single WSDL file that defines many operations for a single service. Each operation has one IS flow service. I convinced my company to purchase XML Spy which validates my XML Schema and WSDL. Even better, I also use XML Spy to unit test my web services by generating and sending SOAP requests.