Completion Issue when multiple tasks are openned in the same browser

Dear All,

I found unfortunatly a product limitation about the management of task UI.

When you open in the same browser multiple tasks, when you complete the first task that have been openned, it’s the last task loaded in the browser that receives the completion signal. And if you have business data, these data are mixed and wrong business data are re-injected the business process.

Do you know a workarround about this limitation? Should I modify JSF parameters or insert JavaScript?

In advance, thanks for your help,



I would say it is not supported at this time. MWS was simply not designed to do this in this way and has implemented its own workspace tabs concepts in the main window.

Basically, the server-side state for the managed beans in the portlet instances are currently stored in a “pageflow” container that is per-session. Which means that requests from other browser tabs in the same session can easily stomp on the server-side state if the portlet instances on the page overlap with what is in other browser tabs.

For future releases, the JSF 2.x specification provides some solutions for this family of problems via new managed bean scopes (ViewScope / ConversationScope / FlashScope) combined with new support for a client window identifier, but due to time constraints and other higher priorities no work has been done yet to integrate these new concepts into CAF + TaskUI. Last time I checked, this didn’t work correctly in CAF portlets and would require some enhancements to the CAF framework to support it properly.

Feel free to file a feature request to let the managers know that this is a feature that you would like to see implemented @


Thanks a lot for this explanation.
But is it possible to have a kind of javascript, to force the reload of the task data when the user decides to work on a panel? if yes, we will be sure that the user is working on correct business data and complete the task (go back to the process) with the right data.



No, not really anything that I could recommend. The only safe way would be to re-load the original link that created the tab so all the backing beans are aligned to the correct task instance. But you may not know what to load if the tab is used for other purposes.