Command line to export asset

Hello Experts!

Could you tell me if is it possible to export assets from API Gateway using command lines or a REST API on webMethods 10.5?



can you provide some more details what will happen with the exported asset?

Further suggestions might depend on the answer to the question above.



The exported asset is put in VCS and can be reimport into API Gateway.

I found a REST API in API Gateway (API Gateway Archive Service). I’m testing this API.

Have you got other solution?


API Gateway (API Gateway Archive Service) provide capability to download the assets. However we are seeing the below limitations.

1)The API returns the assets to be version controlled as a ZIP file. Probably we have to unzip before version controlling it.
2)While using the same API to deploy the assets in higher environments(PROD), the environment specific values(basically any environment values in ANY policy) cannot be externalized/replaced. Using ALIAS to overcome this is not a very clean approach and ALIAS cannot be used in all policies.

Can someone suggest what is the recommended way to move APIs to higher environments ?