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I do not have the ability to try this out myself in the customer environment and hence this post to know if this is possible.

The Customer has some Task Portlets and there is a custom button (Command Button) in the Task View that basically executes completeTask() and then does a redirect(Url) to go back to the previous screen which is the Search Task Portlet to display the Open Tasks.

At times, the above action of clicking a command button (that completes a task in TE and then does URL redirect) takes about a minute to go back to the previous screen (Task Search Portlet). While there is a separate effort to identify the slow response and its intermittent nature, I wanted to find out the following.

From a User perspective, the action of clicking a button simply must go and complete the task asynchronously and then take him back to the previous screen regardless of the latency in MWS Database etc.

Can we use Async Command Button or Extended Portlet URL + Portlet Script Block to make the completeTask and Redirection as parallel activities? Meaning, the Redirection should not wait for CompleteTask to finish and instead just call the Bean method to completeTask and redirect to previous screen.

I believe we should be able to achieve this from my past experience, but just wanted a second opinion? Any other control/approach is much appreciated.

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You could do this by spawning a thread (or better yet use a thread pool) on the server to complete the task. You can immediately perform the redirect while the thread in the background is completing the task.

There are a couple of things to consider though:

  1. Why is the Complete Task taking so long? A little performance monitoring sounds very useful.

  2. If you are redirecting to the inbox, the inbox might show the last task that hasn’t yet been completed because it is being completed in the background. This would probably confuse the user.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for your reply and they look quite valid. In regards to the performance, MWS is on 7.1.2 Fix 18. More recently, there is a new issue that has cropped up and the team reckons it is due to the LDAP connection pool getting exhausted. Is there a known issue with LDAP connections that is addressed in a specific fix? What is the widely used and stable Version and Fix Base for BPM and Task Engine in MWS 7.1.2?

I know this is a question for the Tech Support but I am trying to reach out to community if they have experienced similar issues and resolved with a particular fix.

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