com.wm.lang.ns.NSService API


Anybody know why isn’t the com.wm.lang.ns.NSService class listed in the webMethods java API? Where can I find the API for this class?


There are many, many classes that are not made public in the API. These private classes are not intended for direct customer use. While you can use various approaches to undestand the methods and method signatures in those classes, webMethods reserves the right to change them ore deprecate them in the next release.


I see.

I poked arround a little bit, and found that there are a lot of interesting things for me in this class. However, I’m not sure wether a NSService instance represents the runtime version of the service, or the service itself. (which doesn’t quite matter in my case)

Moreover, since it’s an abstract class I can’t instantiate it. The only access I have to it is through the Service.getCurrent/CallingService() methods, but this isn’t enough. I’d like to be able to have one instance of this object given the service name. Anybody knows how to do it?


What are you trying to do that leads you to this approach?

Take a look at this.

NSService seems to be just perfect for getting runtime information about a service. For instance, I could get the declared inputs for any service through nsservice.getSignature().getInputs()

I’m also hoping that through the NSPackage I might be able to get it’s services, but I haven’t that far yet.



This may not be an issue for you but it only works for enabled/loaded packages.

wm.server.xidl:testService returns NSRecords for the inputs and outputs.

Perhaps these will be helpful. WmDoc is definitely a package to leverage on this.