I am having this error when I try to insert only one record within a flat file into an oracle table. The error disappears when the flat file contains two or more records. I am using convertToValues service (which converts data based on an EDI Template) and it looks like it doesn’t like it when I pass only one record.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


We are experiencing the same problem !

need help !


I’m not familiar with the EDI stuff, but this sounds like an error that can happen with documentToRecord when the recordName parameter is not used. This means that documentToRecord will not know that the expected output type is a StringList even if there is just one element in the incoming document.

In EDI the template is used for a similar purpose. Check the field in question’s definition in the template. If the field is not defined it may be defaulting to ‘best-guess’ behaviour based on the incoming document.