Actually I faced a problem on production and the error is as follows.
I verified IS and broker …have not found any logs and cross verified with Backend teams also.:confused:

webM IS RequestReplyHandler_7 encountered Transport Exception: [ISS.0098.9010] No waiting thread for Document Id: 123
Requestor might have timed out.

whenever I checked on Broker , got only warning that is …
1268-Warnng: Disconnecting session id 36 beacuse it is not responding to keep alive requests.

Moreover there was no logs and no high load …only one transcation is failing.

I unable to find the cause .
Please help me …

Regards .

Publishing service remains in waiting state and if no document is received before the time elapses, IS ends the request and creates a log message which you are getting. Try to increase the waiting time or check why reply documents is taking so long to reach back to publishing service. Hope this helps.

Hi ,
First of all , thanks for reply.
By your suggestion , by increasing waiting time it works fine.
But y do we need to increase without proper per ur suggestion , i am debugging the code y reply doc taking so much time.I suppose at reply doc side nothing affects for waiting !

But i will do debugging and let u know once i get resolution .

Moreover main doubt is …in 2500 trnxs , only one trnx failed …remaining were processed well . For failed one wht …?

Thanks once again !!!

Regards ,

How long is the wait time? There could be any number of reasons why a single response takes longer than usual.

Hi ,
Thanks for reply !

max wait time is 40000.I agree with ur statement(any number of reasons )

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