Failed to create/get distributed cache


While I am trying to view Partner Profiles or Transaction Analysis in Trading Networks Console 7.1, I am unable to view the query results. Instead, the query is executing for longer time and throwing the following error. Failed to create/get distributed cache


java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to start service “Cluster” (Service State=SERVICE_STOPPED, STATE_ANNOUNCE);-- check configuration

I see it’s a known issue in 7.1.2 release with issue# 1-1P9GIJ

Though I have scheduled the the above error is being caught in the Last Error of the service scheduled.

Need help on this with clear steps to avoid the exception. Thanks.

This happens in the cluster environment and when you try to query a large set of data in the TN…

Is your archive/purge schedule done regular basis? What is your TN data retention period?

Please search in the empower site there are some threads specifies configuration changes/need to the TN cluster node file not on top of my mind…you can check it out:



Thanks for the reply. I have another issue. For the above issue that has been posted, I have dropped and recreated the TN SQL scripts from the Database Component Configurator. When I am creating the new Enterprise or Partner profiles, following is the error message thrown.


Can you pl. help me how to resolve this in detail? Earlier it used to create but when I dropped and recreated the SQL scripts, I am heading with the above error. Looking for the detailed resolution at the earliest. Thanks.
Profile Creation Error.JPG