Collaborative Tasks completion

Hi All,
In one of my process, I’ve a task (Task 1) which has 2 child tasks (Task 2 & Task 3).
My requirement is that, user should not be able to complete Task 1 until both the child tasks are completed.
But if we complete Task 1, webMethods is marking the child tasks as completed which should not happen in my case.

Is there any configuration setting where we can specify that parent task completion should not be allowed until all the child tasks are completed.
Or should I be writing custom code to check for incomplete child tasks for a parent task.


Hi Sravan,
Is your below issue resolved? We have same requiremenrt in our project pls guide me how u resolved above issue.


Hi Pankaj,
I did not find any configuration setting in MWS by which this can be achieved. So we changed the functionality and got the customer agreed for the same.

If you are using wmTaskClient package (accessing tasks through IS services) then I would suggest to write custom code to check if child tasks are completed then only complete the parent task. The TaskInfo of the Task gives you the information about collaborative tasks