Code Review Automation


Is there any tool for code review automation in webMethods. This tool should be able to check coding standards like unused variables, naming conventions, check for save/restore pipelines etc.,

Thanks in Advance

Hi renuka,

Unfortunately code review isn’t just about checking the unsed variables, naming conventions and save/restore pipelines. Its more about the best approach according to your environment. You can always look for save/restore pipeline service in the package by search option. Naming conventions varies from company to company and implementation of any good logic varies from environment to environment. To simply answer your question, no there isn’t any tool for code review.

However, poorly used Branches and some other items will be shown up in server.log during loading of the package. So at least check there.

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There are good options for code review and code quality validation out there. One such a solution is offered commercially by my company. The rules of the community does not allow me to elaborate but if this still an open question, feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

Regards, Christian