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I need to create an Architecture diagram for my customer for setting up clustering in the environment.

we have dual CPU box in which IS and Broker runs.

we are planning to get a new server on top of the existing one and right now need to get a plan in roll out for setting up a cluster which will be the ideal for my customer.

Please suggest.

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See this post for suggestions.


Use an external load balancing device for clustering the IS instances. You’ll need to figure out how you’ll manage Scheduled Tasks on IS. You can either have them active on just one, monitor if that instance fails and if it does, manually enable the Scheduled Tasks on the other IS. Or you can not use the Scheduled Tasks facility of IS and use an external scheduler that does HTTP posts thru the load balancer to start services.

Use hardware/OS clustering for the Broker instances in active/passive mode.

Can you provide names of tools you have used?

My old standby is CA Unicenter AutoSys


Hello All-

Thanks for your feedback.
Right now we are setting up as,

a. One instance of IS will be running in machine A and another instance of IS will be running in Machine B. Broker will be configured in Machine B.

b. Need to setup the IS clustering where both these IS will access the broker in machine B.

Need to know, whether any issues will arise with this setup

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Hi Badri,
Search this forum with the key word clustering and you will find the threads where the experts have discussed all the clustering scenario involving IS, Broker etc…