Clustering Issue

We are moving from one server, two instance setup to an HA two server and two instances of IS on each server. what kind of clustering I’ll need for this?

I’m using the same DB for instance A on both servers and same DB for instance B on the other server. The idea is that instance A and B will be available on either both or at least one server all the time.

Pls share your ideas and thoughts.


Hi Ruchi,

please check for IS Clustering Guide for your wM version.
This should contain every information you are looking for.

On each server you will have one instance of IS for both of your instances (A and B).
The 2 instances of A have to share the same database schema, the same is true for instance B.
You should take preparations that both databases can run on either one of the servers and will to switch to other one if neccessary.
Check this with your database vendor and your database administration team.

Dependent on wM version you might have to use Terracotta Caching Services to obtain clustering possibilty.