Client side validation without submitting the form

I am fairly new to CAF so forgive me if this is a trivial question…

I would like to know if a form is valid before I submit it.

I assume on form validation there is a loop somewhere that goes through all the JSF controls on the form and triggers their validate() function, and would like to know if it is possible to reuse that code from within my custom Javascript.

Thank you for your help,


Depending on how you want your validation to flow - alot of quick little validations might seem tedious to the user to complete a form but for component level validation then you just do it in the client side event blur functionality.

Generally if you were going to do it from a form level perspective then you just do it on the click(client side event) of the submit button and do a ‘return false’ and the form won’t submit - and you can change background color of things that need to be specified re-use the webMethods/jsf validation/validators