client not able to receive SOAP Response

I’ve set up a Web Serivce on wM IS 6.1 using the defualt SOAP processor (soap/default). I’m able to see the SOAP Request and the SOAP Response through tpmon and other tools like it, so I know the SOAP Response is being generated by wM. However the .Net client that is making the SOAP Request is never receiving the SOAP Response.

Has anyone experienced this before?

  • Jason

Can you post the C# or VB.Net code that the client is using to invoke the web service operation? I assume that the response being returned is not a soap fault but a soap response containing the results.

What happens when you use other web services testing tools to invoke the operation you are hosting in IS? SOAPSonar from CrossCheck Networks has a personal edition that will read a WSDL to generate a test request message or you can paste in the literal XML containing the request.


I ended up following the advice throughout the site and creating a WSDL on my own instead of relying on wM to generate one. The first one took a bit of time, but everything worked great once I got that one working.