Client group subscribing to unnecessary documents

Is there any possibility for a client group to subscribe to documents which are not required by it.

For ex:
Client group A has subscription to document AA and AB. Another Client group B has documents BA, BB, BC and BD. The client groups A and B do not share an integration, meaning these client groups are used by two separate integrations, two separate brokers but exist on the same territory.
The problem we have seen is, for some vague reason, Client Group subscribes to documents from Client group B also - say BA, BB. When this happens we see an adapter::errorNotify.

We have recreated the adapters, removed the BA, BB documents from client group A, but after sometime we get the same documents back into the A.

Can somebody explain cause of problem and whats the workaround for this.

Hi Sharath,
The problem you have described might have something to do with brokers in the same territory. All brokers in a territory share the same client groups and document types. Within the territory documents published on one Broker can be sent to other brokers because they are delivered there or because a client on another broker has a matching subscription.

Try checking the client subscriptions on both brokers. Maybe a client on one of the brokers is sharing the same document type.

Good Luck,