Client group subscribing to unnecessary documents

Is there any possibility for a client group to subscribe to documents which are not required by it.

For ex:
Client group A has subscription to document AA and AB. Another Client group B has documents BA, BB, BC and BD. The client groups A and B do not share an integration, meaning these client groups are used by two separate integrations, two separate brokers but exist on the same territory.
The problem we have seen is, for some vague reason, Client Group subscribes to documents from Client group B also - say BA, BB. When this happens we see an adapter::errorNotify.

We have recreated the adapters, removed the BA, BB documents from client group A, but after sometime we get the same documents back into the A.

Can somebody explain cause of problem and whats the workaround for this.

From what you’ve described I suspect the following:

  • You have two adapters of the same type, connected to two different brokers.
  • These adapters use the same client group name.
  • These adapters might even have the same adapter name.
  • Since the brokers are in a territory, document definitions are automatically shared between the brokers. This includes the infosets associated with the doc defs. The infosets contain the configuration information for the adapters that use the doc type.
  • If the adapters have the same name, then they will both read the infosets and establish subscriptions.

Keep in mind that client groups don’t subscribe to anything. Client groups hold permissions only.

Does this help at all?

Answers to your questions:

  1. They are different Adapters - Oracle and JDBC Adapter.
  2. They use different client groups as I mentioned earlier in the example
  3. The Adapters do not have same adapter names
  4. Since the above points are different for each Adapter, this might not be possible.
  5. not an issue, see 1, 2, 3.

The adapters, client groups, brokers, integration folders/components, configured operations and even document types are different, but they are in the same territory. If so, how is it possible the Client group A picks up permissions from another client group - when there is absolutely no association between.

Hmmm. Good info.

The doc definitions are definitely shared amongst the brokers in the territory. This is the main function of a territory–make all the definitions available on all the brokers.

My only thought at this point then is that perhaps one of the brokers in the territory has an adapter that was/is configured for the doc types in question and is forcing the permissions/configuration.

If thats the case (I am going to check this meanwhile), how can we forcibly remove the permissions, so that they donot get associated again.

For pre-6, you can edit the client group directly to remove them. For 6, I’m not sure what you can do.

As I told earlier, we have edited the client group and removed each time this issue occurs, but when will this thing stop?, how can we get it to stop?.

The only thing I have in mind is - delete the client group and recreate it with the correct permissions.