Client group permission is getting messed up


I am using WebMethods 4.1.1 Enterprise Server.

I am finding that my ATC client group publish permission are gettting messed up. Besides the permissions that I set up, ATC client group seems to include subscribe events into publish group. However, subscribe permissions are fine.

This ATC adapter is the only adapter in this client group.
I’ve checked & reset permission using Manager aswell as Event Type Editor tool, but to no avail.

Is this a known problem with WebMethods 4.1.1. Is there any patch for it.


I’m not sure why the ATC does this but it doesn’t cause any problems. Given that the ATC is going away, and that it has behaved this way for some time, it’s probably okay not to fret about it and just let the plug-in do its thing.

yes there is patch for this.

This is done automatically for all adapters. Basically, an adapter (including the ATC) needs to be able to publish everything it receives. Re-publishing is done for error handling if “Forward error requests to” is filled in for example. Certain session features also require the adapter runtime to publish.