Client group of an Adapter

I am using Enterpriser server v5.0. I installed JDBC adapter. To configure the adapter, i have to specify the client group to which it belongs. I have a doubt here, can an adapter belong to just one client group ? Operations configured using this adapter can be used by any integration component which can in turn use several documents. These documents can be subscribed/published by a client which belong to a client group other than the owner of the adapter . Then what is the rationale behind specifying a clientgroup of an adater ? Can somebody please throw light on it…


You are correct, an adapter can belong to only one client group.

An Integration Component is associated with a single adapter. When you use EI to create an Integration Component, EI automatically updates the adapter’s can pub/can sub rights for the document type being configured.

In addition to the can pub/sub rights, client groups identify the characteristics of the queues that are created for the group. Volatile/Guaranteed. Destroy on Disconnect/Explicit Destroy. Different adapters/clients may have different needs for these settings.

So adapter A might be of client group A, having rights to publish document types A, B and C and have a Volatile storage type and Destroy on Disconnect. Adapter B might be of client group B, having rights to subscribe to document types C, Y and Z and have Guaranteed storage type and Explicit Destroy. Adapter A can publish a document type C and Adapter B can subscribe to it.