Class Loading

I’m trying to create a java service. Within this service I want to use some external libs. My problem is that those external libs are already used by the IS. This libs are available but some of them lack of functionallity which is already supported within new versions of those libs.

For example: I want to use a new version of joda time, but a jar of joda time is already sitting in the common/lib/ext/ directory, so placing my new version of this jar within code/jars does not have any influence since the class loader [url][/url] has already found the old version of this jar sitting in the common/lib/ext directory.

Is there any possibility to use a new version of this jar (in a single java service) without replacing the existing one in the common/lib/ext directory?

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I dont think there is a way as the jars will conflict as the IS class path already have it in use and may be try restarting your IS after loading new jars in place.

Most commonly the jars will be in the IS/lib and /jars folders and some times in the custom specific package code/jars folder (this requires reload the package)