Clarification on Modeler

As I understand, with wM v6, it is not required to startup the Repo Server as the Modeler application will invoke a service that startup the RepoServer when it is started.

Does that mean we will connect the modeler to the Design Server:5555 instead of the RepoServer port 7778 as configured in the RepoServer config.cnf?

That is to say the Modeler will connect to 7778 in the background?

You connect to the server on port 5555. The modeler accesses the repository on port 7778.

This I figure out by looking at problems in running modeler through a firewall to the webmethods server. Then it obviously tries to connect to the repo server on port 7778.

The repo server is configured on http://server:5555/WmModeler and there the repository server port can be decided.

The Modeler probably reads this settings and then tries to connect to the repo server on the correct port.

Hope this helps.