Hello all!

I want to do a syntax-check for all of our programs, subprograms and subroutines like CHECK would do it. The result should be a list with the columns “module name” and “result of check”. But the problem is: I found no way to do a CHECK in batch mode.
The only possibility is:

  • Copy all the wanted modules into a new library
  • Catalog every module via USR0210N and display the result

Is there any better way?
I don’t want to do a CATALL on the “real” library, because of NAT0932. By the way: Is there a way to save a CATALL-result as a textfile?

Kind regards,


Meanwhile I found the following in the documentation of CATALL:

I tried it out, but it doesn’t work. Even if I use the additional options, the screen is displayed and a “normal” CATALL is done.
EDIT:I guess this the mainframe-Version of CATALL. Sorry for that. But if I enter the Help on Natural 6.1.1 for Windows and doubleklick on the first Help-index-entry of CATALL, the Mainframe-CATALL is shown.