Chart for displaying periodical data in CAF required

Hi All,

I want to display a periodical data using bar chart in CAF, can anyone please guide me on this…

i.e; I want to display the free memory of a server for a period of time ( 1st Feb - 14th Feb). Is there a option to do so in CAF? OR do we need some plugin’s for this?

I am using designer 8.2 version.

Thank you.


There is a built in portlet in MWS, which displays memory statistics for 24 hours timeframe. With Administrator Login Navigare to Tools --> System Information --> Memory Monitor.

tq for the reply…I got the memory monitor portlet.

I want to change the period (from 24 hours to based on user input), how do i do the same?

Fetch the memory stats for the period an user enters from the DB (DB is populated with memory stats using a scheduler)

you may want to check the wm_mws_diagnostics.war file in server/default/deploy directory to build your own portlet.