Character conversion issues with the Natural Terminal

I have the Natural plugin installed in Eclipse 3.2.0 with up to date versions of all the relevant plugins. I have done some basic experimentation and overall I like what I see.

I have setup a Natural terminal to our mainframe and seem to be having character conversion issues with ‘special’ characters in passwords. I am able to get past the VTAM screen to a COM-PLETE login screen but cannot use a password that contains anything but basic letters and numbers. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Are ideas how to get around it?

I also notice that the password field on the COM-PLETE login screen shows the entered characters, obviously not an ideal security feature.

When setting up a Natural target I have to provide my username and password. It seems this is stored by the plugin and used to connect automatically to that target the next time I open the editor. This means anyone using my machine will have access as me. Our machines are multi-user so this seems undesirable behavior. Could this be fixed so that the plugin will prompt you for password once per session rather than storing at configuration time? Does the plugin only log me on when I request a resource from a target or does it happen when the editor is opened?

I like the integration with version control, so far I have only tried it against Subversion in basic ways but all seems to work well. Particularly enjoyable are; code-completion, templating and the outline, dependency and call-sequence views.

Congratulations on integrating Natural with Eclipse so well that it feels like any other typical Eclipse editor. I look forward to seeing some of the other SPoD editor features such as the debugger and an improved Data Browser make their way into the Eclipse plugin.

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Hi Mike,
Just to keep you up-to-date. we recently released Natural for Eclipse
v3.1.2, that includes amongst other new features the Natural debugger,
a first version if a data browser and the ability to exec and run Natural programs remotely.
regards Karlheinz