CHAR() function

Is there a CHAR() function in Natural? I am of the impression that this function to return the character value of numeric variable. Quick reply to this will be greatly appreciated. Right now, I don’t have access to Natural Development Environment so couldn’t try it out myself

No such function.

However: MOVE #NUMERIC TO #ALPHA is valid (okay, it is not a function)

The converse, by the way does exist; namely COMPUTE #NUMERIC = VAL (#ALPHA)


I guess Earkkai is talking about a function like

#a1 := Char(78)

and #a1 contains “+” (EBCDIC) or “N” (ASCII) afterwards.

The only way I know is to use a redefinition:

define data local
01 #a1 (a1)
01 redefine #a1
02 #b1 (B1)
#b1 := 78
write #a1