Changing the connection that an adapter service uses

We have several (JDBC/Oracle) adapter services that have been written before we realized that our strategy of what packages to place services was incorrect. Some of these have quite a few fields that are mapped. Is there a way to change the connection that an adapter service (same underlying database) uses without deleting and re-building the adapter service from scratch?


Hey Roger,
Been there, unfortunately, and much to our displeasure it appears that there is not any way to do what you’ve described. I recall hearing that 6.1 may hold some promise for doing so, but I haven’t yet had the privilege of using it :-).

Actually I am on 6.1, and I don’t see any way to do it. I even looked in the /package/ns/folderx/foldery/node.ndf file and saw no direct reference to the connection. Thanks for your input. Hopefully someone will have some idea.

The adapter connection that the service uses is encrypted in the node.ndf file of the adapter service. Therefore you cannot manually change it.

However I think that the new ADK 6.1 can help you. I haven’t tried that personally but I read the Release Announcement for ADK 6.1 and it says:

Design-Time Connection Reuse: New services allow users to change the connection associated with an adapter service instead of having to create new connections for each service (or notification).

Let us know when you try it.


Thanks! I will look into it.

Actually, you can find new services in 6.1 which does exactly this (one service for services, and one for notifications):

From the release notes, I think the new 6.1 ADK provides this capability, but until 6.x adapters using the 6.01 ADK are updated to use the new 6.1 ADK the limitation will still be present.

Best bet for now is the built-in service.



I was able to use the service to get it done. Thanks for pointing that out to me. In fact I was looking thru the art package and found some other useful services.

Thanks again

Great! Let us know what else you find to be useful in the WmART package.

I looked for in the WmART package in my IS 6.0.1 SP2 but I can’t find it. In fact there’s no “service” subfolder beneath

Are we talking about the same version here or is it only for 6.1 users?

I am using the in WmART to change the connection associated with an adapter service. But once I change the connection, the inputFieldNames and inputFieldTypes in the adapter service vanish.
Can someone help me in resetting these values after changing the connection?
I have one adapter service and have to use with different connections.