Changing JDBC Type in INSERT adapter

Hi all,

situation as follows.

We have a date field in database and we want to insert dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm:ss.

In adapter i see following:
COLUMN - ‘name’
Column Type - DATE
Input Field - ‘name’
Input Field Type - ‘java.util.Date’

It is not working for us. But I have adapter that works fine. All same as above but.
Input Field Type - ‘java.sql.TimeStamp’

Problem is that I cannot pick java.sql.TimeStamp from the list of Input Field Type and I cannot change JDBC Type to TIMESTAMP.

Any thoughts how can i do one of these things?


Upper one is the one I need,
lower one is the one we have.

How can i change JDBC type or how can I get java.sql.timestamp to Input Field Type list.

I got it done with duplicating the first adapter. No other workaround found.

I am facing issue with insert adapter service.
while listing all the columns in insert tab for one of the column I can not see the jdbc type and so while running this service that column is not comming for input. Oracle datatype for this column is sys.XMLType
insertJDBCtype Error.jpg