changing form-modify form disable before accept

What is the attribute that keeps a form from being modify-able until after it is accepted? I have a form that can be modified when it hasn’t been accepted and it drives the user community insane because when they modify the form before they accept and then accept - it loses data they entered so they need to rekey it in.

I know I saw it as an option when initially creating a portlet but I don’t know if I can go back and modify it or where. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

There are two options involving the accept behavior of a Task. One is the “Auto Accept Task on Modification” when updating a task, the other is the custom task inbox’s option to “Accept Task on Open”. Both options can be updated after generation via the Designer’s Task Editor by selecting the appropriate view in the Overview tab and clicking update.

To make your input controls disabled until the task has been accepted, place them in a Disableable Panel and bind that panel’s ‘disabled’ property to the task’s accepted state.

Thanks for the quick response - where do I modify the this for ‘auto accept task on modification’ - I don’t see this in the portlet.xml

In Designer’s Solution View, double-click the Task name to open the Task Editor. In the editor, select the Overview tab, then in the User Interfaces Panel highlight Portlets->Task Details Portlet->Default. Clicking Update will present you with a dialog of options, including the option to enable the “Accept Task on Modification” feature.

You can commit the changes using the methods applyChanges() or applyChangesNoAccept() in so you can use the method in your code to commit the changes made. The method completeTask() implicitly commits the changes.

The property to auto accept the task, can be set in the bindings view, open the view that display the task info and locate the icon with the task name in bindings, when you look the properties of the icon there is one named Auto Accept, you can bind a value of true or false to this property.

Where do you put applychanges - in the beforeRenderResponse?