Change the _sensitive parameter

Anyone know how to change the _sensitive parameter with the Java API?
I note that the java api use the “_sentive” parameter with the value “no”. And I want to change it with the value “vague” because the performance is better with this.
Thank you very much.


Hello, as far as I am aware it is not possible to change this since the opening of a cursor with _sensitive=no is done deep within the API. My only advise is to raise the issue with your local Software AG customer support to see if this could be raised as a “change enhancement” request, so hopefully a future version of the API will support this functionality.

Kind regards, Stuart

As your colleague contacted us yesterday, we have already investigated into this matter.

I’m sorry, but currently there is no way to pass a “_sensitive=vague” via the Tamino API for Java. The API always adds a “_sensitive=no” to each query.

We have, however, added this to our backlog and chances are not to bad that we can deliver this functionality with the next version.

Best regards,
Christian Gengenbach
Teamleiter Tamino DB Interfaces
Software AG Research and Development.

Christian and Stuart, thank you very much for your response.
Best regards