Change the running process instance status

Hi All,

I am trying explicitely Fail my running process instances on some conditions so was just wondering whats the difference between the tow changeProcessStatus services avaialbe under PRT package.

Below is full namespace of the services.


Suggest which one is advisable to use?

Thanks in advance for all quick suggestions.


pub.prt.admin:changeProcessStatus - we have to use this service for changing the status as per Process engine user guide.

As per my knowledge, wm.prt.monitor:changeProcessStatus this service used by ProcessEngine for internal purpose.(changing the status in Monitor/MWS)

Thanks for the quick comment Arul!

Yea as u said, even SoftwareAG documentation suggest to use “pub.prt.admin:changeProcessStatus” service.

Now seems like we still not have the clarity on the wm.prt.monitor:changeProcessStatus, lemme rephrase my situation … if i will use this service (monitor** one) … would the instances in WMPROCESS table will be updated or not?


I would use neither of them but add terminate steps in the process. This create a call to wm.prt.monitor:changeProcessStatus but makes the implementation more clear to follow in my opinion and follows BPEL standard.
You just need to explicetly log error messages in this case as the runtime considers processes stopped by changeProcessStatus to be finished “as expected” and does not display implicit error messages thrown by steps.