Change the file name in the file polling listerner complete directory

webMethods places a source file @ complete directory after completion of polling process.

WM assigns file name as “FilePolling” + <random> + <time> for complete source file.

I would like to know, Is it possible to change file name?

Is there any configuration parameter for change the file name in the file polling listener complete directory?.


There is no such configuration parameter for changing the filename when you use filepolling mechanism.This is the default behaviour coded internally by WM.

Other option would be write your own polling routine and schedule it. The PSUtilities package has a listFiles service that returns the list of files (among other things). pub.file:getFile can be used to read in the data. and use moveFile(Complete/Archive directory or Error directory) and also there is deleteFile service available in PSUtilities package(you can get this from webMethods Advantage website).


Yes. I agree your comments. There is no way to change file name.

The file naming in complete directory is being set in the webMethods server class file (wmflat package).

Its not configurable for changes.


you are correct,its not best practice if you violate the webMethods specified rules of changing the config which is used internally.

So i mentioned the custom doable process.