Change storage file name

Is it possible to change the name of a broker storage file after is has been created?

I don’t think so broker, we can change broker storage file and it will fail broker to start

If it is requirement, i suggest you look for references path of broker storage file and replace them new broker storage file
you need find out, if references that point to IS, MWS and where ever you use broker

Note: Always have backup, if you are working on these type of changes

I missed some thing in old message, i think you do this way

Broker provide you option to create new storage file with any name, see instructions below

1 Stop the Broker Server.
2 On the machine where Broker Server is installed, navigate to the following directory:
webMethods Broker_directory/bin
3 Run the following command. Type the entire command on one line.
Note that you can enter the -qs_storage_file parameter multiple times to add
multiple storage files.
server_config storage dataDir -session_type qs
-qs_storage_file storeFile storeSize reserveSize
[-qs_storage_file storeFile storeSize reserveSize …]

Once new storage file is created.Try to delete old storage file and remove references from awbroker.cng file

Let forum to know with update!!