Change Process status problem - STATUS_UNKNOWN


I’m having a problem when chaging the status of a process instance. Namely on the Suspend to Resume transition

I get the following error:

Could not run ‘changeProcessStatus’.

com.wm.driver.comm.b2b.WmCommException: [[[PRT.0101.9244] PID 2b9c838075ee11e2b58183c8d505dcdc:3: Cannot RESUME process; status is STAT_UNKNOWN]

I already checked the PRT DB and the status seems ok. I got Status=8 to Suspend :expressionless:

Anyone have a clue about what might be causing this issue?

PS: I’m using the WM 7.1

Thanks in advance.


I have never seen this issue but it may be because of Iteration number mismatch. I can see that the process iteration being tried is 3. Can you check the status of this iteration?

I have a similar problem which I addressed with software AG support. Do you have access to empower. If so you can have a look at the incident. It is still unsolved: