change in ff schema

hi all
i am extracting data from DB2 and using Flatfileschema .
Now they are changing the empcode field leangth from 4 char to 5.
For that I have to change the schema also.
the positions are empcode like from starting pos 1 and end pos 4 and next field detail from starting pos 4 to end pos 30012.
If i change the pos of empcode from starting pos 1 to end pos 5 and next field details from starting pos 5 to end pos 30013
by changing this , what consequences and impacts I have to consider ?


do you mean you have only two fields or position from 4 to 30012 is made up of multiple fields?

if you have multiple fields then you may have to redefine the positions for all.

Hope this helps.


when you mention the ending position as 5, it will take characters till 4th…

previously, it was 1 to 4 and 4 to 30012
now, its 1 to 5 and 5 to 30013…

there wont be any consequences… if schema is correct, it will parse the characters properly from your input data