change field name

How do I go about changing the name of a field in an existing file?

Thank you.

The Adabas 2-character short-name ?

You can’t without unloading and reloading the file, but why would you need to ?

No, the developers want to change the actual field name. I know I can change the ddm, but do I have to do something on the database side. I know the database recognizes the two character short name, but does it match it up with an actual field name somewhere inside the database? If not, then I guess all I have to do is change the ddm???

Thank you.

Excatly, the DDM matches the 2-char Adabas short name to a more verbose “long name”, as long as the 2-char name is correct, you are free to rename the “Natural name” to whatever you like :wink:

Thank you for the quick response.