Centrasite - Supporting Documents

I’m not sure if I’m understanding the visibility of supporting documents.
In Centrasite, have attached a supporting document to a service specification (Specification/Release Notes).
I have modified the permissions on the service to allow “everyone” to view Specification.
If a guest signs on, they can view specification, but the supporting document does not appear to be attached to the release notes.
I would expect it to be attached and visible to the guest user.
Is that correct?

Hi James,

the registry and repository parts of CentraSite are “two pair of shoes”. You also have to set the permissions on the Assets in the SupportingDocuments Folder, including the directory structure leading to the documents. Perhaps it is best to create a new folder “Public” or alike that will contain such documents.


Thank you Gerald.

I tried as you suggested:

  1. Created a supporting documents folder called PUBLIC
  2. Set permissions on the PUBLIC folder to View for everyone.
  3. Added a document to the public folder.
  4. Set the permissions on the document to “view” for everyone (though I would have expected it to propogate from public anyway).
  5. Attached the document to specifications/release notes for a service.
  6. Gave everyone view access to the service, including specifications.

Now when I sign on as a guest I can see the specifications, but the document does not show up against release notes.
Should I report this as a bug?

I have reported this to Software AG and they have reproduced the issue and confirmed that it is a “bug”.
Thank you.