CentraSite Report Designer: CentraSite Data Source Type

Hello All,

This is the first time that I am creating a report from scratch using Designer with CentraSite plugin. I am following the instructions in the training materials and exercises.

In the exercise book (In Exercise 8: Reporting):

"4.c) Create a new Data Source of type CentraSite (make sure that CentraSite is highlighted) and name it CentraSite. Go to Data ExplorerData Sources. On the New Data Source dialog select use default mapping. "

My problem is, I cannot see a data source of type CentraSite. These are the only options listed:

  • Classic Models Inc. Sample Database
    Flat File Data Source
    JDBC Data Source
    Web Services Data Source
    XML Data Source

Can you share how to create CentraSite data source type? I can’t find a resource that would show me how.