CCSID issue with MQ Adapter : GetHandler not able to pick up


I have described the problem description as below.

  1. There are 2 Queue Managers communicating thru a sender channel. Both Queue managers have CCSID of 819.
  2. The Publisher application puts the message using the MQMD_DEFAULT option as the PutMessage parameter. This makes the Format = (MQFMT_NONE) in the message descriptor.
  3. Nowhere in the publisher code the CCSID is set to 1051
  4. When the message is browsed through on the queue manager on the webmethods side, the message is shown to be fine but with the CodedCharSetId as 1051
  5. When the GetHandler is invoked it comes back with a null messagebody, CodedCharSetId = 1051 and the rest of the messageHeader appears fine.

Server configuration : Webmethods 6.0.1 with SP2, MQ Adapter with SP3, Fix 6,7,8,9

One of the solutions is to make the Publisher explicitly put a CCSID of 819 but it will be an impact to all subscriber systems other than webmethods. Is there something in webmethods that can be done to get the message from the queue.

Your immediate responses will be appreciated.