catch checkbox value from DSP to Flow Service

Can anybody suggest me how to catch values of checkboxes from DSP to flow services.

To be more Specific

I have a form with 5 check boxes in a DSP Page. The check boxes have an unique name with value = ‘on’ if checked.

I want to catch the values with checkbox names (‘on’) in a flow service which was submitted in the DSP Page.

Its me again. Somehow I am able to name the checkboxes unique and able to send the checked ones to pipeline file flow service by pub.flow:savePipelineToFile.
But now I have to read only the checkboxnames from the files.

Any suggestions!! Please help

Again the same person here. Well, I am able to solve the problem. The solution is:

The checked boxes are assigned a value ‘on’ by default. Instead of on we assign it a unique value, irrespective of the check boxes name. It doesnt matters whether the checkboxes name are same. The statement below:

<input type="checkbox" name = "check" value = "%value E_ID%"

value = “%value E_ID%”: E_ID is the key field in the database. So, when we pass this to a service we get a stringlist with the values as E_ID.

The best part is that I am able to find the solution from wmusers only.