Casting from (A9) to N(7.2)

I receive from a broker a string of values, comma-delimited, in the format A(83). I break them out into an array (A/1:25) dynamic. One of these array values (which will never exceed (A9) and is a monetary value) then needs to be converted to a variable in the format (N7.2).

I looked in the forums and found a casting statement something like:
#var-n = (n7.2) #var-a
which is completely unlike what I’ve seen of Natural thus far, and doesn’t work anyway.

So is there any way to do this conversion? I’ve tried various edited masks to no avail.

IF  #VAR-A IS (N7.2)
    IF  #VAR-A <> ' '
        ASSIGN #VAR-N = VAL (#VAR-A)
        RESET #VAR-N

Perfect . . . thanks for the quick response.