Capturing a right-click paste mouse event with webMethods 8.2

I am trying to use the onPaste event with a txtArea object within the CAF. I am not seeing an event available for onPaste in the ClientSide Events, but I am wondering if this can be added to the object via something with javascript. Currently, we have Ctrl-V working fine and firing the validation javascript, but the mouse event, right-click paste, is not firing the javascript.

Has anyone implemented this within webMethods 8.2? I had not seen the onPaste event in the past, so I am wondering if this was added to webMethods 9.x, which is a while away for this customer.

Thank you


You can use a script block and the observation support (see [1]) from prototypejs for observing the paste event:

  1. [url][/url]

For example:

var m = CAF.model("#{caf:cid('yourTextInputId')}"); 

if (m) {
    //observe the paste event
    Event.observe(m.element, "paste", function(e) {
        //TODO: your paste logic here