Capture row deletion in table

I have to capture the event of row deletion inside an async table. Using the remove button/icon there is no way touse client-side script.

I need to update a summary field when rows are deleted.



you could have two options:
1.- use an Async Command instead of the Remove Row Button to call an action that deletes the row. In that action you could update as well the summary.
2.- Add an Script Block that captures the “delete” event and react accordingly. To capture that event:

var table = CAF.model('#{activePageBean.clientIds['myTable']}');

table.addRowChangeListener(function(tableId, rowId, eventType) 
	if (eventType == "remove") 
	// do something

hope this helps

Thank you, I finally found one other solution using Custom script to capture the click-event of the remove button.