Capture JSON String from POST RestFulService

Hello All,

We are using 3rd part Open Source product called Grouper. Grouper is calling webMethods 8.2 POST RESTFul service and the JSON String is part of the body not part of the URL.

If the JSON string is part of the url then I am able to receive the string in $resourceID where as if the string is part of the body I am seeing the string “contentStream” with value as “”

Can anybody help me explain the various steps to parse the value from the “contentStream” and get the value sent from Grouper?

BTW: Grouper is not sending the Content-Type and we don’t want to customize the code in Grouper.

you help is very much appreciated!


You can use steps for parsing/receiving stream object type with:


Is that not working for you?


Hello Ram,

Thanks for your reply. I have to write small piece of JAVA code and seems to work fine for me. Thanks for your reply.


OK gr8 but you shouldn’t have written any custom code unless the above steps not works for you!