Can't activate Trigger

Hi community,
I encounter a problem when i try to activate a trigger that catch a document of an adapter notification, it works fine before but we encountered some problems liked to the communication between IS and it’s database we resolve them, after that my trigger won’t activate and i can’t make any changes on Designer because it craches after any action.

below the error i get while triyng to activate the trigger :
2017-03-15 14:41:43 GMT [ISS.0153.0057W] Trigger ocp.comm.outbound.triggers:avisChargementChangementStatutNotification did not shutdown in the allotted time (1 seconds). It is now being forced to shutdown.
please do you have any ideas about this issue?


Code says as W[warning], did you try to enable/disable from IS. You can also reload the package if that helps.

hi M@he$h,
tnak you for your reply,

yes i did them both, eneble/desable from IS the message says that it changes successfully but it still inactive.
About reloading the package it still turns in infinite loop, i think that all my pkg was corrupted :confused: because when i added the package to the IS it won’t start when i delete it, the IS start also when i add the package without the ns folder the IS start and my designer works fine,
i don’t want to redevelop all my pkg, do you have an idea how to resolve this.



Try disabling and enabling the adapter notification and also reload wMART package . Not sure,if it will help. But,give a try.


Hi Nezha,

please make sure that Integration Server is able to modify the node.ndf files for the triggers.

Check in IS Admin UI under Packages → Management → View Locked Elements if there are locked elements.


hi Holger,
thank you for your reply,
could you please tell me how to know that Integration Server is able to modify the node.ndf files for the triggers.


Hi Netzha,

when the Trigger is listed in the list of locked elements it cannot be modified by enabling/disabling via Admin UI (at least not permanently).

If you are running on Unix-like OS, then the node.ndf needs to be writable by the user your are using to start the IntegrationServer (rw-rw-r-- rights when doing a ‘ls -la’ in the ns///-directory.
If these rights are not met the tirgger should show as “system locked” in the overview of locked elenents.

Are there any messages in the server-log when trying to enable the trigger indicating some issues with the concurreny mode or the doc type being subscribed by the trigger?


Hello Holger von Thomsen,
Thank you for your reply,
My problem was about a corrupted link between my objects and our internal database, it seems that our database was restored and maybe we lost the referencing of our triggers and adapter notifications in DB, the solution was that we re-create all triggeres and AN of all the project :/.

it was illogical but the problem is solved,