CAN'T able to connect integration server in designer

While connecting to server i’m getting error like"there is no integration server or proxy server not available ".
But it works provously.
->i tried to start default server but it connect to default server in desgner .
→ aslo my Integration server is working fine on browser.
Can anyone helo to connect it.

Note: Its not localhost:5555 Its deferent server im using

Hi @Anushachowdary585 ,
In the popup which says “There is no integration server on the specified port or the proxy server is not available”, there is a button called Details, this will contain more details about the problem.
If the Integration server is running on a different machine, you can check for any firewall issues.


In details also it showing same error.
There is no integration server or proxy server not available

Expanding the details button should have more information, if not you can get more information from the error log, to see the error log Navigate to Window → Show View-> Error log. Select the log entry and check the Exception Stack Trace.
Are Integration server and designer on different machines?


Also, I would first try to open IS admin console on browser. If you are able to open on Browser then you should be able to connect from Designer.

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