cannot start JMS Adapter

i’m trying to configure and start a jms adapter to
connect to weblogic 7.
I have installed the jdk 1.3.1, the adapter tool 4.1.1, the adk runtime environment 4.2, the service packs, but
the adapter still send the error message
jdk 1.3 or higher required.

can someone help me ?

I had the same problem. somehow, depending on your adapter installation evolution, the JVM will not be version 1.3 even though the directory name says so. Find the version like this:
\wment41\jvm\win.sun13\bin>java -version

You can then copy over the contents of the 1.3.1 jdk. if you need to (or create a new folder in the JVM dir and rename the win.sun13 folder). However, I still had to point the adapter’s classpath explicitly to the JVM. Something like:

here is my whole classpath:

If you are using the new adapter manager you can also point the adapter to any JDK version you like (JAVA_HOME), but I didn’t try this.

good luck, Soeren

thanks for your suggestions.
I tryed this as my last chance before posting the message. The result is that the adapter seems to work but when configuring a configured operation (such as JmsPutObject), putting the right payload class…the adapter crash.


I had the same problem. The JMS adapter doesn’t seam to work with Adapter Manager probably because of ADK 4.6.
I had to uninstall Adapter Manager, install Adapter Tools 4.1.1, overwrite the JDK provided with the 1.3.1 version to get it working.