Cannot see the process instance for one Business Process


I created a business process, with two basic steps and a transition between both : I built and uploaded it.
In MWS , I can see it in the list of business Process and it is marked as execution and analysis enabled. (Used No).

I tried to create a process instance in a flow by invoking the service pub.optimize.monitoring:pushStepControlOperation
and giving the operation (Start), processName, stepName, and a processInstanceId key/value (test/test).

The issue is :

  • in MWS, I can see my call in “process Analytics” : but the Process Instance ID stay empty
  • In the database in the BAM_PT_PROCESS_INST table, I can see it (with the instance Id given (test/test)
  • In MWS, I cannot see it at all in the instances in the “Process Instances”.

Should I do something on my business process to see my calls in the business instances ?
Any help/tip is welcome.
Thank you


Please have a look at the below links:

Let me know if you still have issues.

I don’t think it’s the right way, to create a process instance you should publish a document which bind to Start Message Event.
May be the service you called will update the DB, so you can see it in Process Analytics and DB table, but it doesn’t mean the process started.

The links that I have shared has a step by step procedure :slight_smile:

First of all thank you for your reply and your help.

But I am sure that it is possible to have the instance without a start message :
There is on this same server other similar business processes, and when I call my service on it, I can see it on the ‘process instances’ with the correllation Id value.

But I did not created theses process, and I don’t have the original file but they seems very similar (just abstract steps and transitions) like mine.
The only difference I can see is that in they details, they do not have the ‘Diagnostic Settings’ and ‘Predefined Process Engine EDA Events’. and they have the execution completly disable (not even the red round, or checkbox)
Do you know how they achieved this ?

Thanks a lot.


What is your requirement here? Can you let us know.

As far I know the process model will start with a receive step (with envelop icon) (publishable document) in order to start the process model.

You can refer the guide: Designer_Process_Development_Help guide

I managed to make it work by :

  • creating a new business process.
  • Send it for analysis ONLY from designer.

Now when I call my service, I can see the call in the Business Process.