Cannot find initial context factory class

Hi Experts
Iam trying to implement WM Broker as JMS server. My environment is 6.1. I am using wmJMSAdminPage to configure the properties. When I try to create JNDI setting I am getting following error.

Error: cannot find initial context factory class

Please help me…

Thanx in advance


Which JNDI provider are you using ? You need to make sure the corresponding class files are in the class path. If you are using file system JNDI, you need to copy fscontext.jar and providerutil.jar in <webmethods>/IntegrationServer/lib/jars.

Similarly, you need to copy the corresponding jar files depending on which JNDI provider you are using.



Thanx for your very quick response. I am using webMethods “pre defined JNDI templetes”. i.e I am using webMethods JNDI…



You need to have jmsnaming61.jar in the classpath. I am not sure where this jar is located. Its either under the broker folder or under the wmJMSAdministrator package folder.



I decided to initially test it with file system JNDI…I created JNDI.
Now I am getting the following error when I click JMS–>connection factories.

Error: the following Exception was thrown: to access field com/wm/tools/util/BrokerJMSSubscriber.context from class

Do u have any idea??



I successfully created JNDI objects for both File system as well as webMethods JNDI. The trick here is, I upgraded my broker to 6.1 SP3.


Hi Kevin,

I have the same problem as you had, but I upgraded my broker to 6.1 SP3 and still don’t works with webMethods JNDI.

my settings:
Initial Context Factory: com.wm.jms.naming.WmJmsNamingCtxFactory
Provider URL: wmjmsnaming://Broker #1@localhost:6849
Security Principal:
Security Credentials:
Other Properties: com.wm.jms.naming.clientgroup=admin
Jar-Files and Classes:

I put the file jmsnaming61.jar in the classpath, and the Broker is ok, but I got this message:
“Error: cannot find initial context factory class.”

Could you help me?

Anderson Araujo