Cannot extract multipart MIME data sent through REST

Hi. I have a problem with extracting multipart MIME that I received through REST. The MIME data has 2 parts: a parameter and a zip file. It seems that it extracts only 1st part of the message. However, if I use and I log it, then I see that the whole message.

The service components that creates MIME data and sends it :
pub.file:getFile (got stream)
pub.mime:createMimeData (empty container) (the parameter will be streamed)
pub.mime:addBodyPart (stream-parameter will be added)
pub.mime:addBodyPart (zip file will be added)
pub.client:http (The envStream will be sent as mimeData.)

Then I receive at the _post and I use the following services:
pub.mime:createMimeData (contentStream as input)

As the result I get always 1 instead of 2.
Do you know how to deal with that?
Many thanks,

The solution is as follows:


Input to pub.mime:mergeHeaderAndBody:
headerLine (it’s from transport/http/requestHdrs)
body/stream (contentStream from the begging in the pipeline)

This solution was provided by SAG Support and tested by me.


hi Krzysztof Sochiera,

Can you please help us in the above in detail.
We are working on posting the Multipart file to REST API and we are getting the file at the target as 0 bytes.
Please help us.


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